G. Inc. Perfect body v10.5

Perfect Body
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► 6 different G. Inc. skins included --

Mesh Body specs: ► Feet that fit on Flat Mid and High slink shoes and hands included now ► Fits most of standard mesh clothing! ► 146 Alpha sections/ cuts ► toenails and hand nails with 7 preset textures on Hud ► Physics for Jiggle :D ► Works with Omega appliers ! no editing needed, click and GO! ► Compatible with phat/cute azz note cards and lolas appliers, Omega system built in form factory no need to add any scripts ! ► Feet and hands Slink compatible ! ► Alpha layers system on a neat HUD 4 clothing layers Skin/tattoo/underwear and clothes. ► Coloring system HUD for skin layer! no waist seams or shadows curvy elegant shape

HUD Front       HUD BACK

Back Hud


WARNING: Fitted Mesh * YOU NEED A UP TO DATE VIEWER TO SEE FITTED MESH CORRECTLY * ► Fitted Mesh version: this one adapts to any shape with all sliders working on it you can edit your shape and the mesh will move with it! if you want other mesh parts to work with it you will prolly need to tweak your shape a little to fit them, also o advise to keep your saddle bags slider under 40 for smoother look 2 modify shapes are included one defalut one bigger to give you a XL look, you can play with them or wear it as it is :) ► If you get issues with over lapping layers or alpha layer issues go on Preferences (Ctrl + P) and on graphics settings uncheck (turn Off) where its say Advanced Lightning Model , this is caused by a SL bug theres nothing anyone can do about this!! actually its a Open GL bug not really SL :p ► Omega Script Inside - Its already installed on the body no need to add any other script :) ► It is possible to use Phat Azz Note Cards on this Appliers it will also work !! see how to on instructions note card included ► if you want to wear the Body own Feet please make sure you wear the shoe base included on the folder , also they work with LL default mapping , and fit on slink flat Mid and high shoe shapes might need some adjustment depending on the shoes and since this new updated fet are fitted mesh you might have to go on edit appearence and change your feet size , if you need to match any color option will have to wear the coloring HuD included and choose the different options , or you can make them invisible on the Hud by clicking the eye symbol "visibility" On or Off ,and wear your Slink atachements with it , i found that the medium sizes fit better , sizes not shape dont matter if its high, med or flat feet ( medium size of any of this) ► This Item works with your lolas appliers if the designer didint crop or cut the texture to only fit the mesh boobs it will show correctly on your G. Inc. Perfect Body if they used total top avatar mapping which most recent appliers do ! ► Dont see all the buttons on Hud minimize it open again or raise your LoD settings (object detail) on your viewer on the right bottom corner little arrow will open quick settings then set LoD factor to 3.500

Back Hud

► The HUD is pretty much straight forward on front of the HUD click the dummy silhouette and respective part of the body that you want to hide you have right / left and front / back as you can see on the scheme, to hide and show the nipples click that part on the dummy ! Attention to hide Arms parts it only works on the left dummy of the scheme since is unnecessary and laggy to have both of them enabled; you can also hide/show big parts of the body by clicking the eyes symbols "visibility on the right side Left or Right Arm / Front Left or right Torso same goes for back torso and Lower part of the body "pelvis/legs" on bottom right you got the type of feet you want to wear flat , med or high shape this works on the same way by clicking the visibility button on off ► To work with the clothing part/layers click the red and green arrows on top right to rotate your HUD on that side you got the 3 layers control tattoo/ underwear/ cloths it works same way as skin part click on click again to off on the head of this dummy layers you got and eye 'visibility" by clicking this you can turn that whole layer on and off, the feets you see there work as socks tattoo etc for the different layers also can make those visible or invisible ► Alpha Masking and alpha Blending buttons is used when textures with transparency are overlapping or start to glitch toggle back and forward between this 2 ►Nails & Coloring now all in one same Hud On the Left side of the hud you have several buttons that control what parts of the body you want to color click it always first to choose part and then just pick your color you can also change luminosity/saturation ! you may color all parts of this body individually! top part ,bottom part , nipples, feet , hands nails and toe nails if you wish to get it back to no color click the desired part and then click the bottom rectangle of color cards section it you show u a message like this "[17:51] G. Inc. Perfect Body * HUD * V3.0: Type in chat to RGB values in 30 sec.. Like as: 253,206,165" after that type on local chat 255,255,255 and that part will go back to no color or white :) or click the white square with arrow on right of the hud ►Nails On the bottom you have 8 squares with preset textures including a white on those are for nails on left side toe nails on right side for hands nails! this also works if you buy Omega nails appliers

G. Inc. Essential Body

Essential Body basic mesh body
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G. Inc. Essential Body - Fitted Mesh Body 1 Skin layer with 12 alpha cuts and 1 Clothing layer, 1 G. Inc. Skin included, 1 modify Shape Simple HUD interface easy to Use, optimized for standard mesh clothing compatible with Slink attachments , G. Inc. appliers, Lolas appliers and Omega Script Preinstaled Low cost mesh body! hands and feet NOT included ! DEMO AND DEVELOPERS PACK AVAILABLE AT THIS LOCATION IN WORLD STORE > > https://tinyurl.com/nmr9q5y ▶ Options to hide layers individually legs in different lenghts arms torso waist via HUD ▶ This product works with appliers made by others designers make sure your skin designer makes any kind of appliers!! This is a fitted mesh body that works like any other one the difference is that it has less options and less alpha cuts it was designed to be easy to use and inexpensive ! Second Life Marketplace

G. Inc. [email protected]

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► Fitted Mesh Item "Boobs" which mean it will move and change Size with your Shape editing >> Breast Size >> Breast Cleavage >>Breast Buoyancy >> Torso Muscles > Body Thick ► There are 2 HUDs on the folder 1 for Hide or show the different layers of the boobs or just hide them completelly by clicking the X button, And another one on the side only to color the Skin part for fine tunning in case you dont have specific Appliers for your skin ► This Item will fit over G. Inc. Fitted Mesh Bodies it might also work with other brands depending on theyr size and how they are rigged ! ► G. Inc. [email protected] Work with.. Omega Appliers , G. Inc. Appliers , and Lolas Appliers !! >> IMPORTANT !! the Appliers must use full Top default avatar UV map to show correctly , like most recent mesh parts

G. Inc. Perfect Bum

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► Bottom avatar enhancement slender cute shape, 2 meshes 1 normal rig one Fitted Mesh, 4 clothing Layers, options to hide layers individually or all, lower and upper legs or both via HUD, slink feet and shoes fits on it also many of the standard size meshes (boots,clothes..) can be worn with it !! color adjusting system Now With Omega System appliers built in!

G. Inc. Daggers Queen Crown

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Daggers Queen Crown beautiful handcrafted crown adorned with daggers on top a Red ruby and skulls on front and sides 3 different choices Gold Silver or Dark ! high res mesh & textures, resizer to stretch in any direction so it can fit any shape

G. Inc. Tower Of Doom - Set

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Tower of Doom and Bridge Set-This items are all high quality mesh and ready to rezz drag and drop on ground and position as you like you can use only the tower or bridge or both together like in the example included it is desired that you have Land terraform rights so you can make the bride ravine on the ground , you can modify and resize as you wish but keep in mind the bigger you make them the Land Impact will also go up . as is > Tower 112 Land Impact Bridge 17 Land Impact

G. Inc. Xtazy Skin

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FATPACK - get One Tone for Free!!, 6 tones cleavage option Perfect Body/Bum appliers and shape included !! Individual tones, Omega, Slink feet and hands, Lolas, Azz appliers also available at the inworld store ! other 2 skin types available in store high quality and affordable! come visit us :)

G. Inc. Monarch Wings

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G. Inc. Monarch Wings Flutter animation movement with 2 speeds, On/Off toggle , Alpha Option Invisible or Visible Up and Visible Down this will rezz them open up or down position , Glow Options Off or from 0.01 to 0.05 Alpha Option Invisible or Visible Up and Visible Down this will rezz them open up or down position Wing Speed > Stop Medium Fast, Sound > On > Off Normal map texture http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dark%20Grove/83/32/1508

G. Inc. G0T Crowns

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GoT inspired Crowns! 100% mesh; Gold, Dark and Valyrian steel , with and without jewels versions, resizer

G. Inc. Animated Hawk Wings - Mesh

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Animated Mesh Hawk Wings V2 ...they flap up and down making you look like a real winged being, very detailed with 3 textures changer Hud black brown and white,make them very small or big with the resize script New Features Added on V2 --> 2015/03/20 ► New animation movement ► Glow Option > Off or from 0.01 to 0.05 > Back > main menu ► Alpha Option > Invisible or Visible Up and Visible Down this will rezz them open up or down position ► Wing Speed > Stop > Medium > Fast ► Sound > On > Off .. ► Normal map texture

G. Inc. Athena Boots

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G. Inc. Athena Boots for G. Inc. Perfect Body and Slink High feet, also working on default avatar, textures changing Hud with 3 textures black, red, white 4 standard sizes XL, L, M and S