CCS Mind Games & Deceit


What Really Happens in CCS ▼

I came to Suzanna Soyinka (CCS Creator) with a concern that the system said I leveled up when I actually didn't. I asked her if she could fix this along with some players struggling with the meter not registering skills during an NPC event. For example I hit a skill and it took about 3 minutes for the meter to identify what was happening. I asked her to investigate these things. Suzanna stated the same fact that I already knew, which was that it actually wasn't time for me to level up. Suzanna then proceeded to post how much xp I have to level. She then asked me why I was having such a "Shit time" using the meter because this was the first complaint that she's heard in awhile. She came to the sim after the NPC ended and even admitted that there was a slight delay in the meter. She then proceeded to say that I have a tendency to exaggerate negative things and that I've been doing that for years now. I explained to her that more people have been having this issue and it wasn't just me. Suz made the excuse that someone was doing something while the fight was going on, or they were using a really shitty weapon. I told her that I wasn't lagging just the meter was. Maybe her servers where getting clogged because everyone uses skills at the same time during a huge fight or NPC event. Suzanna continued to state that there wasn't anything wrong with CCS. Told me that I was "shitting down her throat" because lag was happening during big ass fights. She continued to get defensive then stated that I should go play somewhere else. I told her that i don't have anything else that lags besides CCS. Suz told me to return my payment meter and that was it. Told me I was banned and my service is terminated. She started to Call me an "unconstructive asshole and shouldn't have to tolerate that for 15 bucks." She continued to call me names and told me to "fuck off" and that the CCS meter doesn't lag. I stated that i wasn't trying to be an asshole to Suz I was just stating facts like they are. Everyone sugar coats things for her because they fear the consequences of her actions against them. Insults were throw by both parties.

The truth is this person charges you 600 US dollars real money for a license and another 4500 Lindens in SL monthly to allow you to run her flawed, non working, lagging, outdated system on your Sim. While still having to keep by her rules. She turns the other cheek on other Sims because she gets paid off with money . She goes around frequently asking for donations to pay for fictional developers to fix and update the system which never happens. She will then turn around giving it all away on AFK sex Sims . Evidence will be shown below in pics !

Every time you sign in to CCS your IP addresses are logged and saved on her database. She uses these to track avatars and players alts and then share this with her, "so called GM Globals" which have all quit or ran away from her because all of her bullshit, mind games and harsh words. Sharing those IP addresses in public group chats etc. (many people have seen this and have proof of these actions).

When anyone confronts her with the truth, or other systems show up better than hers, she goes and bans that person and tells other Sims on her system to do the same. She then threatens any of the people with AR reports to Linden labs and to sue them with a real life lawyer including threatening friends of those persons.

She blames other people for the decline of the CCS system, except herself. including people that have been trying to fix the system and community working hours on end to help her and her system. Fair warning stay away from CCS and this delusional vile person if you don"t want any of this headaches and stress.