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Free Mesh Boxes

Free gift card boxes mesh 0 Land Impact, full permissions ... you may find all my other products in world store at thank you

Pros, Cons, Costs and a Step-by-Step Tutorial for moving to self-hosted blogging By Canary Beck

GiftBot Discount Scam in Second Life by STRAWBERRY SINGH

If this sort of thing happens to you, these are the steps that you can take: Deny/Delete Object: Immediately deny or delete object without attaching, rezzing or wearing from your inventory. Report: File an Abuse Report against that resident/bot right away to make Linden Lab aware of it so they can take the appropriate action. Block: Block/Mute that avatar/bot right away. Inform Sim Owner: It might be a good idea to also let the sim owner know, even though they cannot do much else but ban from the sim.

DARK GROVE, FPS Roleplay / Combat 8XP Sim

Traveler, feel welcome to Dark Grove. Respect the Dark Forces, and you shall be embraced and protected... Abuse them, and the horrors of the land will haunt you for all eternity...
Dark enchanted forest themed Sim Sky: Fairy blue (Paulina) Land parcels with terraform / audio / media rights ✔ 4096sq Parcel available 1250 Prims 1100Ls Week ✔ 2048sq Parcels available 625 Prims 550Ls Week ✔ Skyboxes available 250 prims 300Ls Week ✔ 1.2Ls per prim & Mall stores Or simply come visit and get to know it :) For more Info Contact >>> GamerExpert Resident
Spanish * DARK GROVE, FPS Roleplay / Combate 8XP Sim Bosque encantado oscuro temática Sim * Sky: Hada azul (Paulina) Terrenos con derechos de terraformación / audio / media ✔ Terrenos de 4096sqm 1250 Prims 1100Ls Semanales ✔ Terrenos de 2048sqm 625 Prims 550Ls Semanales ✔ Plataformas disponibles 250 prims 300Ls semana ✔ 1.2Ls el prim Y tiendas del centro comercial O simplemente venir a visitarnos y conocer a él :)
French * DARK GROVE, FPS Roleplay / Combat 8XP Sim Forêt enchantée foncé thème Sim * Sky: bleu de fée (Paulina) Les parcelles avec droits Terraform / audio / médias ✔ 4096sq parcelle 1250 Prims 1100Ls semaine ✔ 2048sq parcelle disponibles 625 Prims 550Ls semaine ✔ skyboxes disponibles 250 prims 300Ls semaine ✔ 1.2Ls prim & Magasins Mall Ou venez tout simplement visite et apprendre à le connaître :)