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G. Inc. Elements Coat-Black

Elements Coat

G. Inc. Elements Coat-Black. liquid mesh coat adapts to any Linden Lab dedfault avatar shape, high quality mesh and high res textures one size fits all no scripts for lowest lag possible alpha layers included also

Regeneration Sarcophagus Mesh

Regeneration Sarcophagus - Mesh

this is a Mesh Regeneration Sarcophagus inspired on stargate, animated the lids on sides and top open and close with a pressurized chamber sound and you can lay inside in a mummy pose way

Anime Wands

G. Inc. Anime Wands

G. Inc. Anime Wands (Shiny Stars) , pack of 4 different wands,100% Mesh Materials enabled, Awesome shiny stars effect that you can turn on or off !

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Fitted Mesh Body , Mesh Breasts,Butt, Skins, Apparel, Implants, avatar enhancements, clothes, footwear, jewelery, accessories ...